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You can help by translating these phrases:

The following phrases need to be translated for the printed edition of the Who Is Jesus tract.

Who is Jesus?
Jesus is the son of God
Daniel Prophesied
Isaiah Prophesied
The Miracles of Jesus
Jesus Shows Us the Way to God
The Death of Jesus
The Promises of Jesus

The following additional phrases need to be translated for the WWW edition.

About Us
Get Involved
Contact us
Choose Language
Who is Jesus
Jesus is the son of God
Messiah Creator King
Daniel Prophesied
His kingdom shall have no end
Isaiah Prophesied
Unto us a child is born
Miracles of Jesus
These are written that you might believe
The way of life
Jesus shows us the way to God
The death of Jesus
The death of Jesus purchased our salvation
The promises of Jesus
son of God
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