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Who is Jesus? - Mòoré

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Mòoré (known in the language as Mõõré; also Mòoré, Mooré, Moré, Moshi, Moore, More) or simply the Mossi language,is one of two official regional languages of Burkina Faso, closely related to the Frafra language spoken just across the border in the northern half of Ghana and less-closely to Dagbani and Mampruli further south. It is the language of the Mossi people, spoken by approximately 5 million people in Burkina Faso, plus another 60,000+ in Mali and Togo. While Mooré is often referred to as "the Mossi language," many Burkinabé of other ethnic groups also speak Mooré, as it is the lingua franca in rural regions where knowledge of French is very limited.

Translation help is needed to complete the Who is Jesus tract in Mòoré.

Can you help? It will take an estimated six hours to layout the Who Is Jesus tract in Mòoré.

Printing cost for the first 5,000 copies will be approximately $300. From that point the reprinting should be self-sustaining. As orders are received we will use the funds to reprint as needed.

So far, we have received 2 hours of donated time and $0.00 in funds for the Mòoré project.

Jesus is the son of God

John 1:1-4

John 1: 10-12

Luke 22:70

John 10:30

John 14:9

John 3:36

Daniel Prophesied

Daniel 7:13-14

Isaiah Prophesied

Isaiah 9:6-7

Matthew 1:22-23

Galatians 4: 4-5

The Miracles of Jesus

Mark 5:34

Matthew 14: 19-21

Mark 4:39-41

Mark 1: 23-26

Jesus Shows Us the Way to God

John 14:5-6

John 3:17

John 6: 28-29

Matthew 7: 21

Matthew 7: 13-14

John 6:35

John 11: 25-26

John 6: 68-69

Ephesians 1:7

Ephesians 2: 8-9

The Death of Jesus

John 5: 17-18

John 19:7

John 19:18

Matthew 28: 1-6

Matthew 28:17

Luke 24:50-52

The Promises of Jesus

John 14:3

Psalm 24: 3-4

Isaiah 64:6

Romans 3:23

Isaiah 53:6

Romans 5: 7-8

Matthew 16:15-17

Romans 10: 9-10

John 20: 30-31

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