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How You Can Help

You can help share in another language. Many of the translations are available on line.

Choose a language, look up the verses, then copy and paste them into a Word Document.

Send us the document and we will add it to the site.

A few hours of your time can potentially impact millions of people.

We need people with specific skills to help.

Word Processing - Can you copy and paste the scriptures into a Word document or transcribe from a printed Bible for the languages which are not available in digital format?
Graphics design - Can you draw pictures for use in the tracts?
Web site maintenance - Can you help to maintain this site? We use PMWiki for content management. Some knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is helpful, but not required.

We often get requests from third world countries from folks who will gladly distribute, but cannot afford to pay for the printing and mailing. You can donate to help defray these costs.

You can contact us at WhoIsJesus@krengle.net via email.

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