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Translation of "Where There Is No Animal Doctor into French"

This project is for the translation of Where There Is No Animal Doctor from English to French. Currently the project is in the planning stage. Your help is needed. If you can help with translation, editing the WIKI pages, or using Gimp, Open Office Draw, or Open Office Present for final layout, please register using the form below.

There are a number of tasks for which no knowledge of French is required. Basic word processing editing skills or photo editing skills are needed as well as skills in creating presentations. Help is also needed in maintaining communication with the translation teams and editing the Wiki which is used for supporting the project.

All work is volunteer with the objective of making this book available to third world countries where French is spoken.

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You may use this form to register as a volunteer.

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Shipping in the continental U.S. is $6.00 per order regardless of the number of copies ordered. For international orders we will soon have the book available on Amazon. For orders of the Ebook (PDF format) you will receive an email with a link to download.

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