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English: If you want to make sure a person understands, talk to him. If you want to touch his heart, talk to him in his native language.

Mòoré: Fo sã dat tɩ ned wʋm fo, gome ne a. Fo sã dat n tika sũura, gom ne a bʋʋda goamã.

French: Si tu veux te faire comprendre d'une personne, parles lui. Si tu veux lui toucher le coeur, parles lui dans sa langue maternelle.

Wẽndnmì Mukasa Souili via Facebook

The New Testament was published in 1995. The Bible is available in Mòoré, but I have found no dictionary beyond some small word lists which are severely outdated.

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This information is excerpted from The Burkina Phrasebook.

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