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The Easter Story

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This is a "proof of concept" ebook for creating Bible Story Books using only scriptures so they can easily be adapted in every language that has the Bible available. There are more than 500 drawings available covering 50 Bible stories. They are available under a General Public License with attribution. Your help is needed to choose the appropriate verses to go with each drawing and to create the ebook.

English He is not here; He has risen, just as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. Matthew. 28:6

French Il n'est point ici; car il est ressuscité, comme il l'avait dit; venez, et voyez le lieu où le Seigneur était couché.

Spanish No está aquí; porque ha resucitado, como dijo. Venid, ved el lugar donde fué puesto el Señor.

Kreyòl Enben, li pa isit la. Li leve vivan jan l' te di a. Vini wè kote l' te kouche a.

Jula A tɛ yan. A kununa i ko a yɛrɛ tun k’a fɔ cogo min na. Aw ye na don ka a layɔrɔ flɛ.

Mòoré Bãmb ka be ka ye, bala, b vʋʋga wa b sẽn dag n yeelã. Wa n ges-y zĩig ning b sẽn dag n gãe wã,

A couple of months later Jesus was standing around talking with his disciples and he said.

Listen up y'all. I gonna go up on the porch at the big house and set with Daddy for a spell. Y'all go tell everybody I'm coming back to get you.

Of the 6,909 languages in the world, only 2,508 have the Bible in their own language.

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