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Kreyòl/Angle Diksyonè

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You may think this is just a dictionary at first, but you'll soon find it's much more. You may want to jump right in by clicking on the first letter of a word to the left, then scrolling down and clicking to see what you'll find. You can return here later to explore the details.

Here You'll Find...

  • Creole Translation of Haitian Words
  • English Translation of Creole Words
  • Phonetic Pronunciation of the English Word
  • Spoken English Word
  • Spoken Creole Word (limited at present. Your help is needed. Approximately 100 words of 10,000 are now on line.)
  • Definition of the English Word
  • Definition of the Creole Word (limited at present. Your help is needed. Approximately 100 words of 10,000 are now on line.)
  • Icon to the right shows source of the word and definition
  • Declension of the word in English (past tense, plural, root word, etc. This feature is not implemented yet in Creole.)
  • Automatic translation of the word from Google Translate. This will sometimes yield an alternate word or phrase.

And best of all...

  • Sample sentences showing usage of the word in both English and Creole.

Well, maybe that's not the best part.

  • The Best BEST part is that all of this is in a WIKI format which means you and others can jump in and help. You can add words, add sound files, add sample sentences, add definitions and together we can make this the greatest dictionary ever.

Wish List

Currently English / Haitian Creole are the only matched language pairs for Kreyòl. We'd love to see other language pairs matched - especially French, Spanish, and Portuguese as all of these languages are prevalent in Haiti.

More definitions, declensions, and paired sentences are needed. If you can help with any of these areas drop me a note at dictionaryhelp@ngohaiti.com.

An Android App is in the testing stage and will be released soon. It would be nice to have an Iphone version. These two will give virtually nationwide access in Haiti to this important translation tool.

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