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  • Russian - Polish Dictionary - 20 000 for Lingvo 9+ Slownik rosyjsko-polski - 20,000 Source: www.ixl.ru. Release 17.10.2006. Converted for Lingvo 9+ by FFLL v. 0.90b 28.11.2006 Number The headings of: 19319. Number The entries of: 19313. Please report bugs to flesh-flash@narod.ru http://flesh-flash.narod.ru/dictionaries/ in the source text no labels, examples, comments. Some articles (approx. 200), they added. Perhaps this work will continue. We used Nowy slownik polsko-rosyjski, R. Stypula , G. Kowalowa This dictionary is in lsd format. It will work on the mobile App for Golden Dict as well as Lingvo and APPYY.

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