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Dictionary of Abbreviations - This dictionary only works on the mobile version of Golden Dict and ABBYY. It is in lsd format.

Easton's Bible Dictionary - Great tool for Bible study, especially when loaded with Wordnet Plus for definitions of unfamiliar words.

Mostitsky Universal (En-En)

English-English Dictionary universal additional. Compiler - Igor Mostys'ka Created 16.09.2005 Changed: 03.20.2015 Title: 24934 Cards: 24092 Illustration: 39 Web Links: 354 Videos: 1 Dictionary is an additional source of information for experienced translators in several different areas.

Wordnet V2.0 ( Converted from Wordnet , by Chua Welic, LastUpdate: 2003/09/10 ) Download (12.2M)This dictionary contains 144,000 words with sample usage.

OPTED V0.03 ( Converted from Online Plain Text English Dictionary, by Chua Welic, LastUpdate: 2003/09/10 ) Download (6.8M) - This dictionary contains 115,000 words with parts of speech and rudimentary definitions. If you're looking for a lightweight dictionary with no pronunciation or sample usage, this one may fit.

Moby Thesaurus ( Converted from Moby Thesaurus, LastUpdate: 2003/09/10 ) Download (11.3M) 30k root words, 2.5 million synonyms and related words.

The Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (Converted from www.dict.org, by Junren Shi, LastUpdate: 2003/11/18 ) Download (14.1M) The language is Victorian and of course it has no words which have come into the language in the past hundred and fifty years, but this is a good dictionary with 104,000 words, originations, synonyms, and sample usage.

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