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Albanian (alb) Arabic (العربية) Bulgarian (Български) Bosnian (Bosanski) Croatian (Hrvatski) Catalan (Català) Czech (Čeština) Danish (Dansk) Dutch (Nederlands)? Esperanto (Esperanto)? Finnish (Suomi)? German (Deutsch)? Greek (Ελληνικά)? Hebrew (עברית)? Hindi (हिन्दी)? Hungarian (Magyar)? Chinese (中文)? Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)? Italian (Italiano)? Japanese (日本語)? Korean (한국어)? Latin (Latīna)? Lithuanian (Lietuvių)? Maltese (Malti)? Norwegian Bokmal (Bokmål)? Polish (Polski)? Romanian (Română)? Russian (Русский)? Serbian (Srpski)? Slovak (Slovenčina)? Swedish (Svenska)? Thai (ไทย)? Turkish (Türkçe)? Ukrainian (Українська)? Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)?

This introductory course is designed for students who are learning basic English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, but can also be effectively used for English speakers wishing to learn any of dozens of other languages.

This course is suitable for beginning students needing a thorough presentation of basic functions, grammar structures, and vocabulary. Here you can learn to read and write basic English sentences and paragraphs and engage in simple oral communication.

The materials presented here are designed to be used in conjunction with our 700 Words Phrasebooks and the Courseware materials prepared specifically to go along with these lessons.

If your church or civic organization is looking to present ESL classes then you've come to the right place. We've put together a team of professional educators and computer experts to present the best of both specialties to help you learn and teach ESL classes. You don't need to have experience as an educator or be a computer specialist to have a successful class that is both engaging and challenging.

Each student book follows the same structure while presenting the materials in the native language of the student. This helps greatly in classroom environments where multiple languages are represented, but beyond that, having a book in their own language that explains English concepts will greatly help students to master the learning curve.

The teacher's materials include not only lesson plans for a full 12 class sessions, but also include access to a special area of our website which includes a wealth of prepared materials for interactive class sessions and tools and resources to allow you to customize the organization of the materials to meet your needs. You'll also find there parallel texts and audio in multiple languages that can be downloaded to use off-line in situations were Internet access is limited or not available.

Thiese lessons focus on a collection of 700 key words organized into 48 topics and 12 lessons. This layout corresponds to our 700 Words Phrasebooks. Having access to this site either in the classroom or individually allows the student to hear the words and phrases and look up the meaning of the words.

The 700 Words Phrasebooks pair up with over 100 languages for a bi-lingual tool to help you communicate in these languages.

Each book includes a guide to English pronunciation and grammar along with a comparable guide on the second language featured in the book.

The third section contains a collection of commonly used phrases / sample sentences organized into 12 lessons covering 48 topics.

Table of Contents

The English Alphabet

English Vowels






How to Pronounce Dates and Numbers

Linking Between Words

Each book also includes a corresponding section on the companion language grammar and pronunciation.

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